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Summer Practice Intensive


12 practice sessions + video recordings of sessions 

How to practice, what to practice, ways to practice. 

December 28 > January 28 | Monday – Thursday x 3 | 6.30-8.00 am

$250 plus gst  

Total $275


This  is a creative response to a crazy year and is offered with a flexible range of participation options.

It is suitable for all levels – except raw beginners.

You can sign up for 



a COMBINATION of the two 

or even NONE OF THE ABOVE.  

Each session will be recorded and sent to you.  You will have twelve very different sequences to practice at home right throughout the year at anytime.  So even if you can’t do ANY of the sessions it is still worth enrolling.  You will receive all the recordings.

This is a unique, one-off opportunity.  Many of you have been asking for recordings of the classes and these practice sequences will be even better.

You’ll notice that there is a two week break in there … I’ll be away on holiday. But hey…. you can practice with the four recordings at home!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can assist you with enrolling.  I’m always happy to.  Please talk to me if the issue is financial and perhaps we can work something out.

1. Monday 28 Dec: Back To Earth

Starting low and softening the back body.  Extending the backs of the legs and opening the hips.  Coming back in to your body and back to yourself. Preparing for forward bends.

2. Tuesday 29 December:  Centering Down

Standing up, balancing, centering,  Finding the bony support for standing asanas.  Core support for dynamic and active extension through the legs and arms. 

3. Wednesday 30 December: Reach Out

Our posture and the way we use our bodies is, at its core, a response to our emotions.  Syncing body and emotion is the job of practice.  Arms, shoulders, spine, hands, neck are often held and pulled in tight.  Reach out, ask for what you want, put your hands up and be seen.  

4. Thursday 31 December: Heart Song  

Back Bends are full on.  Let’s start with gentle and supported chest opening asanas and coax ourselves into opening up and letting go.  Watch how the energy starts to flow through our bodies and our eyes and hearts open up with renewed joy and zest for life.

5. Monday 18 January: Connection  

Developing the forward bends through the straight legged standing asanas and taking that into seated hip openings and the beginnings of padmasana (lotus).  Forward bends ask us to to take a good look at ourselves in a positive and active way.  

6. Tuesday 19 January: Stand and Deliver

Oh yeah! Standing pose day.  How to practice intelligently, for the conditions and your situation.  When to use support, how to take support, why to take support.  What order and why? 

7. Wednesday 20 January: Open Hand & Heart

Again with the back bends! A little deeper a little more challenging.  When and how to use props to help.  More variations and working through a sequence to get there before you even knew you can.  We need a strong back and an open heart to take on the challenges of life and backbends take us there 

8. Thursday 21 January: Upside Down and Inside Out

It’s time.  Head stand and shoulder stand. I know, I know you can’t all do that yet …. but there are steps and a pathway towards inversions.  Lets explore the options  

9. Monday 25 January: Catch & Release

Responsiveness and resilience.  Yoga builds into our system the ability to respond quickly to changing situations.  To withdraw or to expand as needed.  An even, balanced practice covers all the bases and helps smooth out the  edges and calms us down. It gathers and stores energy.  This class will be a little of everything  

10. Tuesday 26 January: Inner Fire

A bit of hard work never killed any one my Dad always said (and all my german ancestors as well I’m sure).  Yoga fit … what does that mean? I guess you’ll find out

11. Wednesday 27 January: I love Pretzels 

Asana practice gets really excited by the spine.  Deep twists are what yoga is (in)famous for.   Working our way quietly and persistently in towards our central axis.  Gently, safely, step by step and from a firm stable foundation we can really challenge our own limitations with twists  

12. Thursday 28 January:  Open Mind

The last sequence of the series.  Quiet and deep.  Supported inversions and Pranayama

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