Studio Open for Classes again…

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We have now had a week and a bit of combined studio + online classes and so far so good. Temperature checks, cleaning, sanitising and mopping, mopping and mopping! But it has been wonderful to have actual bodies and warm smiles to connect with and teach.  Very difficult not to get in close and adjust you though.  I have taken to using a big long stick to push and prod you with, genius, even though it reminds me of my old Russian ballet teacher!

Thank you to everyone who has been making the extra effort to bring in your own props.  I have mats, blocks, blankets and straps available for you to purchase and as long as you bring a towel or sarong to use as a cover you can use my blankets and bolsters to create more support.

It is interesting just how many of you are preferring to stay home and zoom.  Live stream is an amazing option and it is here to stay ….. but it isn’t the same as a class in the studio.  Come in to the studio if you can (for as long as we can stay open).

I have enabled a feature that allows you to see how many people are enrolled in classes.  This means that you can make informed decisions about whether you feel comfortable to come in to the studio or stay with the live streaming at this stage of the COVID game/not game.  Studio classes are limited to 12 people.

A reminder for those of you live streaming …. please email me with updates on how you are going with the classes and your yoga in general or in particular.  When you are in the studio I catch and can determine a lot about how you are and what is going on with you just by seeing you walk around let alone working with you in the class ….. but I don’t get that via a zoom class.

Many businesses and services have had to close this year all over the world and in our own backyards.  We have been able to stay open and continue to teach because of the online classes and your willingness to give them a go.  I am operating with the assumption that yoga is an ‘essential service’.  I know it isn’t categorised that way by the government but all of us who do yoga know how true this is.  Anyway I just want to say that it hasn’t been easy, financially or energetically, and that for me to keep on going I have needed and will continue to to need your support.  You are essential too.  Live stream or in the studio.  You simply have to keep up the classes or I won’t be able to.

However – If you are in financial difficulty please let me know.  I am happy to offer you a discount or an exchange.

Updates to the timetable:

  • The Thursday night class with Sebastian will be a live stream class only until further notice.
  • Monday night beginners/level 1 is now both a studio and a live stream class.
  • Sunday 4pm live stream with Blye is back on.  What a great way to smooth out your weekend and prepare you for the week ahead.
  • Please remember to put yourself on the roll for all and every studio class.  If no one has enrolled in a class it will be taken off the roll and only be available as a livestream class.
  • In a week or so I plan to return to the MINDBODY live stream platform instead of ZOOM.  The problems people were having with it seems to be mostly about browser choice and updating. Stay tuned.

Please check the timetable and enrol before you come.  NSW COVID cases seem to be steadily increasing and at some stage soon I may have to close the studio classes once again.  It is a day by day situation.  

All the best for staying healthy and safe and 

keep practicing yoga (it’s essential)

Sue-ellen x

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