COVID – 19 update

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, We are taking extra precautions at the studio to avoid contact with the virus and limit any possibility of it spreading it around.
It is very important that if you feel any flu or cold symptoms please don’t come to class.
I have made up  disinfectant spray bottles so that you can clean your mat and blocks before your class. There is On Guard hand soap and alcohol based hand gel available so that you can sanitise your hands before and after classes. I will be cleaning all the contact points daily with disinfectant.
Yoga is not really an optional extra and I would like to keep the classes going through this developing situation. Practice is for the best and the worst of times and all the times in between.
If you are not feeling well or the situation brings up anxiety or stress then let us know.  I am happy to advise sequences for home practice that can support and restore your immune system and help to calm you down.
Always yours on the mat,
Sue-ellen x

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