September Practice Week

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Monday > Friday  25/09/2017 – 29/09/2017  6:00 am – 8:00 am
This is a valuable opportunity to help develop your yoga practice. It is so important to act on your commitment to practice yoga, on your mat, for yourself. The decision to practice is the easy part, you know how great you feel when you practice… so what’s stopping you?

Is it those distractions, demands and responsibilities. Work, family, tiredness, stress, physical pain …. anything and everything can all seem to get in the way. You know that practice helps all those problems but at the same time those are all the very things that seem to block you.

You’ll find that practising on consecutive days in supportive Black Lotus Studio conditions can be mind/body blowing. Appropriate practice aligned with your level of experience, understanding and condition is a great skill that can only be developed in practice and on the mat by you. Don’t put yoga last on the list – it is what I like to call a ‘first response’.  Good practice can handle any situation with grace, balance and compassion.

Sue-ellen and the teacher trainees will be there for sequencing guidance and support, they will also be practicing.


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